10+ Inspiring Outdoor Team Building Games Ideas

08+ Inspiring Outdoor Team Building Games Ideas

08+ Inspiring Outdoor Team Building Games Ideas: Have you ever noticed that when you go outside, good things just seem to happen? Time off. Farm visits. A wedding. Goes hiking. Many steps. Short distances. You see what I mean.

John Muir was a naturalist and environmentalist who wrote a lot about the beauty of the outdoors. He saw not only beauty in nature, but also a chance to think about himself and grow.

Because of this intangible but inspiring quality, the great outdoors is a great place for feel-good adventures like team building activities that require players to think about themselves, their role in a team, and their place in the world as a whole.

Is your team sick of being stuck in one place? Here are some of our best ideas for your next team-building practice outside:

08+ Inspiring Outdoor Team Building Games Ideas

1) Team Scavenger Hunt

  • Type of Activity: Idea for Work Outside

Start exploring your neighborhood with your coworkers by going on a fun treasure hunt. You can choose from app-led treasure hunts like bar crawls, ghost tours, art walks, and more, or you can have a hunt made just for your group from the ground up! Every adventure is made to get people to talk to each other and help teams explore, learn, and get to know each other in a fun, relaxed way.

  • How to start off: Talk to an organizer of team building events to get a unique price for your next scavenger hunt.

2) Cornhole Tournament

  • cornhole is a type of activity that takes place outside.

Can throwing around sacks of corn at work really help people work together? Yes, it can, especially if the tossing is part of a competition with forms, seeds, and a crowd of cheering coworkers.

  • How to start off: First, get excited about all the fun you’re going to have. Second, do what’s written here. All done!

3) The Go Game Classic

  • Type of Activity: Work Outside Game

This event combines your favorite parts of a game show, a field day, a company retreat, and a treasure hunt into one great event that has something for everyone on your team. During the event, your expert host will lead you through a number of tasks, each of which is a fun team-building game in its own right. You will laugh and play your way to a multi-media ending that will blow your mind.

  • How to start off: All you have to do is talk to the team to get a price for the event of your dreams. You can even check out their choices for building teams virtually; who knows? You might do both kinds of events.

4) Lawn Games

  • Type of activity: Work Outside Game

Lawn games are a great way to get people outside and away from their desks. This group game is great for people who want to have fun outside. People can get into teams and fight against each other in fun outdoor games. It’s a fun way for teams to get together and compete against each other.

  • How to start off: Prepare to compete and have a good time.

5) Karaoke Rickshaw

  • Type of activity: Idea for Work Outside

Try the singing cart for a unique and fun way to build your team. Participants can hop on a bicycle-powered rickshaw and sing along to their favorite songs as they ride around town. This is a fun way to take a break from work and have fun outside.

  • How to start: Hop on the boat and start singing!

6) City Chase: Scavenger Hunt

  • Type of activity: Work in the outdoors

City Chase is a group game that takes place outside and mixes scavenger hunts and exploring cities. Teams are given a list of things to find around the city, and they have to race against each other to be the first team to find and bring back all of the items. This game is great for big groups because it helps people work together, be creative, and solve problems.

  • How to start: Get ready to look around the city with your friends!

7) Secret Agent

  • Type of activity: Work Outside Game

Secret Agent is an outdoor team-building game in which teams compete to be the best detectives they can be. In order to finish the task, teams must solve problems, break codes, and make judgments. This game challenges people to think critically and work together while having fun outside.

  • How to start off: The job is waiting for us, so let’s get going!

8) Ringolevio

  • Type of Activity: Work Outside Game

Schoolyard drama meets team building at work. In this game, members of one team try to find and catch all the members of the other team, who all want to avoid getting caught. This game is more about working as a team than hide-and-seek, and it brings people together into a single unit.

  • How to start off: Start planning a round of this easy DIY game that doesn’t need any tools or much planning by reading the directions.
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