8+ Simple and Fun Games to Play with Kids in 2023

8+ Simple and Fun Games to Play with Kids in 2023

21 Simple and Fun Games to Play with Kids in 2023: Need some quick and easy games for kids that don’t take much planning? Most of the games that kids play teach them a lot. With something as easy as a 5-minute game, kids can learn a lot of skills they’ll need in the future.

You might not be able to see the learning, but it is definitely going on. Here are 21 fun games that will teach your kids something at school or at home.

8+ Simple and Fun Games to Play with Kids in 2023

1. Catch

Grab a soft ball and practice with your kids how to throw and catch it. For bigger kids, use a tougher ball and protection.

Just throw the ball gently so your child can catch it, and the same goes for you. Show them the right way to stand and how to throw. Catch is a game that improves hand-eye balance and both fine and big motor skills.

2. Beanbag Toss

This is like catch, but there are a few changes. The point of the game is to try to throw your bean bags into the holes. Toss a set of three beanbags by taking turns. Your score depends on which hole your beanbag falls into. The person with the most points wins.

This game is also great for improving hand-eye coordination. Also, it will help your kids get stronger.

3. Simon Says

Simon Says is a fun game that your kids will want to play over and over again. You can take turns being Simon, or you can just do it all by yourself.

Start by telling someone what to do. If you say “Simon Says” before an action, your kids have to do the action every time you say it. If you don’t say “Simon Says,” they don’t have to do what you tell them to do. If they do that, they will lose.

Whoever is still alive at the end wins. This helps your kids learn how to listen. Depending on what you do, it will also help them learn how to use their bodies.

4. I Spy

Playing I Spy in the car is a lot of fun. The rules are easy to understand:

  • Someone picks out an object.
  • This person says, “I spy with my little eye something…” and then says what color the thing is.
  • Try to figure out what it might be.
  • Whoever figures it out first wins.
  • Then they get to pick something.
  • I Spy teaches kids to pay attention to what other people say. It will also help them learn to notice things. They will learn
  • how to make friends and wait their turn.

It is a simple game that can teach you a lot.

5. Matching Game

You can use a set of matching games or get one of the FREE handouts at the end of this story. Make sure that each picture has a partner. Choose two different cards one at a time. If they match, it stays. At the end, the winner is the person who has the most matches.

This game will help your kids learn how to think in a reasonable way. They also learn how to concentrate on one thing for a longer time. You can also find ones that help them improve their math or speaking skills.

6. Board Game

Chutes and Ladders is my favorite game to play with kids because it is easy and fun.

The number of squares on the dice tells you where to go. When you fall on a platform, you climb up it, getting closer to the top. You have to go down a tube when you land on it. Whoever gets to the top first wins.

Your kids can learn their numbers and how to count as they move up the board.

7. Role Play

Kids love to act and put on plays, so make it a game. Create a play that both of you can act out. Then you can practice and put on a show for your family or classmates later that day. You and your kids will both like it.

Role play helps kids learn how to get along with other people, since most of the time the play is about a relationship of some kind. It’s also a great way to teach people how to handle different situations and how to be emotionally intelligent.

8. Musical Chairs

Another fun game to play with kids is “musical chairs.” Here’s what happens:

  • Set up one less chair than the number of people in a circle.
  • A DJ should start and stop the music.
  • Start circling the chairs.
  • Sit down when the music stops.
  • The person who doesn’t have a chair is out.

This helps kids get along with each other and learn to enjoy music. They learn how to act silly and have fun with different kinds of people. As they do a job, they also learn how to listen.

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